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  1. Worship & Bible Study Series 1: To Know God, Engage in Ministry with the Poor
    Ministry with the poor is being in right relationship with God and neighbor, and deepens our knowledge and love of God, neighbor, and self.
  2. Worship & Bible Study Series 1: Widow's Persistence Erodes Injustice
    Ministry with the poor involves both leadership by those who are impoverished, and tireless, persistent advocacy to wear down and overcome unjust systems, structures, and practices.
  3. Worship & Bible Study Series 1: Walking in Solidarity With*
    Ministry with the poor involves solidarity and accompaniment – walking with the economically vulnerable, marginalized, and excluded, such as migrant workers and their families.
  4. Worship & Bible Study Series 1: Swords Into Plowshares
    Ministry with the poor requires beating swords into plowshares and redirecting resources from war spending to meeting human needs.
  5. Church Leaders Tell Congress They Oppose Deep Cuts in Domestic Spending & Poverty-Focused Foreign Aid
    National Council of Churches: As Congress debates the federal budget and wrestles with a stop gap proposal to keep the government running before a new budget can be adopted, U.S. church leaders have informed legislators that "we are compelled to speak out against the proposed deep cuts" being considered.
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