Transformational Ministries - A New Blog Series!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new blog series, Transformational Ministries. This series will lift up stories, testimonies and best practices of Transformational Ministries--living examples of ministry with and alongside the poor and dispossessed.

We hope this new blog series inspires creative new ministries with, rather than to or for, those struggling with poverty, and is a useful resource for discovering practices that you can adapt to your own ministry contexts.

The first post of the new series is up now. Read an excerpt below, and click the link to read the rest!

And remember to stay tuned. The next blog post of Transformational Ministries should be coming within two weeks.


A woman battling alcohol and drug addictions, who hasn’t been able to make recovery programs work for her, finally beats her addictions in a program rooted in the neighborhood—a program that treats addiction in the context of the community’s struggles. She becomes a Sunday school teacher and receptionist.

A man living on the streets wanders into the weekly meal at a church that practices radical hospitality. Over time he emerges as the head chef, and as one of the leaders of the church community that helped him to embrace his talents and dreams.

A day-laborer who lost his home is alone in a new city when he is hospitalized for cancer. When he is discharged, he is welcomed into a respite program at a local church, and in this small intentional community he discovers that the church is his new home.

These are just some of the many examples of Ministry with the Poor that we will highlight in this new blog series, Transformational Ministries . . .


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Nicholas Laccetti and Mary Ellen Kris

Nicholas Laccetti is the Ministry with the Poor communicator, based out of the offices of the General Board for Global Ministries in New York City. Since May 2010 Mary Ellen Kris has been under contract with Global Ministries to support, interpret and promote the Ministry with the Poor Area of Focus of the United Methodist Church, collaborating with others throughout the UMC who are seeking to transform how the church and its members understand and relate to poverty.

About This Blog

Read and comment on a range of personal reflections and perspectives about poverty and Ministry with the Poor. Our goal is to attract diverse voices and points of view from United Methodists and friends, including people and communities living in conditions of poverty, other experts, religious leaders, community organizers, advocates, policy makers, volunteers, and all engaged in Ministry with the Poor.