What Is Ministry With the Poor?

Ministry with the Poor involves ministries of love and justice, where appropriate action is defined and taken in right relationship with, among, and by those who are impoverished--materially, spiritually, and otherwise. One way or another, all experience suffering and poverty, all are in need of grace, and all are called to minister to and show grace to others. Guided by love and grace, Ministry with the Poor requires mutuality of relationship with, by, and of the poor.

Ministry with the Poor is one of the Four Areas of Focus of The United Methodist Church. For more details on the purpose of this and the other Areas of Focus, visit the Four Areas of Focus page on UMC.org.

Ministry with the Poor is about answering Jesus' call to discipleship in God's mission of love and justice. Following Jesus' example of servant leadership, those who enjoy greater privilege are called to listen to, learn from, walk humbly with, and empower those at society's margins. We are called to work as partners with the marginalized in eradicating poverty and transforming this world into a just and caring Kingdom of God.

Ministry with the Poor is led by an Interagency Task Force in collaboration with a Bishop’s Tasks Force. Download the complete list of members who make up these Task Forces. (PDF)